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Welcome to Real Estate Investors.TV!

Our goal is to help you build your financial freedom, one house at a time. Our speakers and content will help any investor—from the first timer to the seasoned professional—learn the tools they need to invest for long term success.

What is Real Estate Investors.TV?

An "All You Can Learn" Buffet!

Every day you're inundated with "get rich quick" schemes, and you've probably been to seminars that were just pitches to get you to buy their $600 book, $3,000 boot camp, or $8,000 "mentorship." REI.TV is different. We give you everything you need to know to buy, rent, rehab, lease, or sell real estate – in a format that fits your schedule – all for just $39.95 a month.

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Ask Don DeRosa

Don DeRosa has been involved in real estate since 1993, and no one understands better how daunting that first step into real estate investing can be.

REI Spotlight

Mike Collins' RehabList connects the rehab customer with finders of homes in need of repair, REALTORS?, independent "birddogs" and home sellers.

Titles Coming Soon!
  • Secrets of Wholesaling
  • Short Sale Profits Made Easy
  • House Appraisal Fraud
  • Mold Inspections
  • Buying Right in a Buyers Market
  • Negotiating Skills for REIs
  • And much more!

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